What is EEN? – Vision and Mission

The Economic Empowerment Network (EEN) is a global network organization providing a variety of information and technical support for those who are trying to start or improve their income generating activities by taking advantage of available resources at hand. The vision of EEN is to contribute to realizing a world where people can achieve sustainable livelihoods. Helping them to seek and strengthen the means for their economic empowerment is EEN’s mission so that they will “Be Empowered with Available Resources. Let’s BEAR!”

Why are we with the BEAR?

The verb, “bear” has several meanings, including to give birth, to generate something, to endure, and to support. The mission of EEN is to empower those who are trying to “bear” something with available resources at hand. In addition, the term, “BEAR” as an acronym stands for “Be Empowered with Available Resources!” EEN is here to empower people who want to start something for economic empowerment with available resources at hand. Let’s BEAR!