Since the EEN founder first brought Bosh Bosh aprons to Japan in 2016, we have received a lot of positive feedback about the patched aprons with colorful traditional African patterns.

In a foot-care salon in Tokyo, the staff wears Bosh Bosh aprons as their uniforms.

Foot-care Salon, Mes Pieds (Tokyo)

A Japanese woman was given a Bosh Bosh apron by her son on her 80th birthday. She looks great with the apron! Isn’t it amazing that an 80-year-old Japanese woman puts on an apron made by young Liberian women? How wonderful it is that the Bosh Bosh apron connects Japan and Liberia, across the generations!

The Bosh Bosh apron for her 80th birthday

We hope that Japanese people will like the colorful African patterns, and that more people will get interested in Liberia or Africa and also start thinking how to Educate, Empower, and Inspire people.