EEN provides for those who are passionate about starting “something” with available resources at hand and the skills with which they are already equipped. In other words, based on the BEAR concept (Be Empowered with Available Resources), EEN helps creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential and contribute to a better future on the globe.

1. Entrepreneurship Support

EEN provides support for youth and women entrepreneurs who started income-generating activities. At present, we work with young agripreneurs and a women’s group in Africa.

(1) Youth Agripreneurship Development in Africa

Currently, EEN works with a Liberian agripreneur who has started an oil palm plantation and a Tanzanian youth who has launched an association of smallholder farmers.

(2) Women’s Economic Empowerment in Africa

Bosh Bosh bags are sold in the lobby of a posh hotel in MonroviaCurrently, EEN provides technical and marketing support for Bosh Bosh, a women’s group in Liberia. They make bags, pouches, aprons, etc. with cotton fabric in traditional African patterns. EEN has just started selling Bosh Bosh products in Japan. As for details on Bosh Bosh, click on the link below.

Bosh Bosh stories with EEN are read on the link below.

2. Networking and Knowledge-sharing

EEN provides you with a variety of opportunities, both on-line and off-line, to disseminate or share the concept of “Be Empowered with Available Resources. Let’s BEAR!” These opportunities will present themselves in workshops, seminars, training programs, seasonal events, publications, etc. We hope that you will be empowered by joining EEN events, where various “BEAR” ideas will be shared, namely, how the available resources around you can be utilized effectively and contribute to economic empowerment in a sustainable manner. An EEN event will be a ‘beary’ exciting opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and networks. We are all ‘beary’ happy to have you with us!

3. Sensitization to Global Issues

EEN works on global issues, such as gender equality, racial discrimination, diversity awareness, and environmental preservation, providing opportunities to sensitize people to these global issues through events and publications.