1. Networking and Knowledge-sharing

EEN provides you with a variety of opportunities in order to disseminate the concept of “Be Empowered with Available Resources. Let’s BEAR!” with workshops, seminars, conferences, training programs, seasonal events, etc. We hope that you will be empowered by joining EEN events, where various ideas of “BEAR” will be introduced, namely, how available resources just around you can be utilized effectively and contribute to economic empowerment without harming the environment. Through EEN events, you will be able to learn from those who are interested in BEAR-related activities, and also to share your own BEAR ideas and activities with them. An EEN event will be a “beary” exciting opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and networks. When EEN organizes a BEAR event, the news will be posted here. We are all “beary” happy to have you with us!

2. BEAR Projects for Developing Countries

EEN provides support for those who are trying to explore economic opportunities in developing countries. EEN implements BEAR projects, taking full advantages of local resources, namely based on the concept of “Be Empowered with Available Resources. Let’s BEAR!”

(1) Agribusiness Project in Ethiopia

EEN plans to implement an agribusiness project in Ethiopia with the objective of getting rural Ethiopians to Be Empowered with Available Resources. The project is still at the designing stage, and EEN staff and partners are discussing the project scope. Let’s BEAR!

(2) Technical and Marketing Support for a Women’s Group in Liberia

Currently, EEN provides technical and marketing support for Bosh Bosh, a women’s group in Liberia. They make bags, pouches, aprons, etc. with cotton fabric in traditional African patterns. EEN has just started selling Bosh Bosh products in Japan, where all three EEN staff members come from. As for details on Bosh Bosh, click on the link http://boshbosh.org/v2/

Bosh Bosh stories with EEN are read on EEN supports Bosh Bosh scholarship programme and vocational training