1. Our Village Our Products (OVOP)

Your village must be full of valuable resources! With a little bit of creativity, those resources will be turned into wonderful products. Let’s see what products are popping up in the world!

Gifts from the Forest

Umaji Village, which is located in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, used to flourish with forestry. The older generations planted a lot of trees for their children and grandchildren. At present approximately 96% of the village is covered with forests. Forestry management is important in order to preserve the natural environment.

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Optimum Utilization of Wheat Crackers

In the northern part of Japan, there is a town called Nambu. One of the specialties of the region is Nambu Sembei or wheat crackers. The crackers are made of wheat flour, salt, baking soda, and water. They taste simple, but they are delicious. Local people have enjoyed the crackers for a long time in various ways. They eat them as a snack during a break while they do agricultural work, or cut them into pieces and put them into soup, which is called Sembei Jiru. But is that all there is for the local people to do with Nambu Sembei?

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