In your community, you may have a lot of trees. Tree leaves can be used as petals for ornaments. The following is a flower made of eucalyptus leaves. There are different varieties of eucalyptus in the world. In the following example, I am using eucalyptus leaves found in the northern part of Japan.

First, remove the leaves from the eucalyptus twigs. Then, dry the leaves completely under the sun. It may take a week or so depending on the weather.

Next, glue the leaves on to the top of a pine cone. At the top, curly and small leaves will be better than flat and large ones. As you work your way down, insert the flatter and larger pieces between the layers of the pine cone. Add the leave petals on the pine cone until it looks like a beautiful flower.

Leaves and Twigs Leaves and pine cone Flower

If you complement the flower with grain plants such as rice and wheat, and attach a ribbon on to it, it will become a beautiful wall-hanging!

wall-hanging Eucalyptus Leave Flower