Bobby’s Diary

I have been on this planet since November 1996. I have found that human life is “beary” interesting, full of unexpected things for bears. Also, I have found that human emotions are “beary” sensitive. So, I would like to share my observations with you in the form of a diary. I am “beary” sorry for my English with a “bear” accent, so please bear with me. Ha, ha, ha! I hope you will enjoy my diary.

A Spring Gift has come from a forest to Tokyo.

Hello, everybody! This is Bobby. One month has passed since the EEN website was launched on March 11, 2013. My mom and I feel connected to a lot of people in the world. Thank you for visiting our website. When my mom goes out, she sometimes buys samples which signify the effective utilization of local […]

Greetings from Yasuko

I am delighted to launch the EEN website thanks to the support of a lot of warm-hearted people. I would like to provide useful information for you to Be Empowered with Available Resources.