Bobby’s Diary

I have been on this planet since November 1996. I have found that human life is “beary” interesting, full of unexpected things for bears. Also, I have found that human emotions are “beary” sensitive. So, I would like to share my observations with you in the form of a diary. I am “beary” sorry for my English with a “bear” accent, so please bear with me. Ha, ha, ha! I hope you will enjoy my diary.

Happy Eco Wallets

Look at the lovely wallets in the photo! My mom bought them in Liberia. While she was working in Liberia, she sometimes visited a shop which was run by a women’s group making bags and accessories with traditional West African designs. The outer part is made of cloth, but what do you think the inner part is made of? Let’s unzip one of them and I’ll show you!

A “BEAR” Bag from Liberia

My mom worked in Liberia from July 2015 to March 2017. Wherever she is, she always looks for a “Let’s BEAR” product made of locally available resources by hand. During her stay in Liberia, she found the “Let’s BEAR” bag in the photo. What do you think it is made of? Have a close look at the brown mesh?

Let’s bear a snowman!

We are approaching the end of 2016. People are preparing for Christmas around the world. Can you guess what they are made of?
We are approaching the end of 2016. People are preparing for Christmas around the world. The hotel where my mom always goes on weekends in Liberia has just started displaying Christmas decorations. When she went to the hotel the other day, she was so intrigued by the snowman and the wreath which were placed in the lobby. Look! Can you guess what they are made of?

Beach Football

My mom always says that sport and music can easily cross the national borders. She is still working in Liberia, and lives in an apartment facing the Atlantic Ocean. As she can enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean from her apartment, the residence is named Ocean View. She enjoys not only looking over the sea but also watching football games on the beach. That is a beach football!

Sushi is a creative art!

Sushi is one of the well-known Japanese dishes. My mom is working in Liberia. In Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, there are two restaurants where Sushi is served. She went to one of them the other day. When she was looking at the menu, she was intrigued by one of the names.