Bobby’s Diary

I have been on this planet since November 1996. I have found that human life is “beary” interesting, full of unexpected things for bears. Also, I have found that human emotions are “beary” sensitive. So, I would like to share my observations with you in the form of a diary. I am “beary” sorry for my English with a “bear” accent, so please bear with me. Ha, ha, ha! I hope you will enjoy my diary.

Do I Look Stylish?

Look! I am wearing a blue shirt today. Do I look stylish? Look at my shirt carefully. What do you think is this made of? Did someone say, “Cotton?” Yes, it’s made of cotton. But that is not the only answer I expected. Look at my shirt more carefully.

A Spring Gift has come from a forest to Tokyo.

Hello, everybody! This is Bobby. One month has passed since the EEN website was launched on March 11, 2013. My mom and I feel connected to a lot of people in the world. Thank you for visiting our website. When my mom goes out, she sometimes buys samples which signify the effective utilization of local […]

Greetings from Yasuko

I am delighted to launch the EEN website thanks to the support of a lot of warm-hearted people. I would like to provide useful information for you to Be Empowered with Available Resources.