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“Beary” Happy New Year for 2014!

My mom is sending you a New Year’s message from Laos. She is ubiquitous. She is always out of home, working abroad as a global mother. In 2014, she may show up in your country! If you see her in your country, say, “Let’s BEAR!” to her, instead of “hello.”

November is my Birth Month!

Every year I “gain a year” in November because I found my mom around the Thanksgiving period in November 1996. My mom forgot the date she got me. So, unfortunately, I do not have a birthDAY. Instead, I only have a birthMONTH.

Why was I named Bobby?

Some of you might be wondering why I was named Bobby. Today let me tell you why my mom named me Bobby.

When my mom, Yasuko, was a little girl, her parents bought two stuffed pandas for her. One was a male panda, and the other one was a female panda. His name was Bob, and her name was Poppy. My mom loved Bob and Poppy “beary” much. She played and slept with them every day. Bob and Poppy were her best friends in her childhood.

About twenty years had passed.