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Congratulations to Liberia!

July 26 is Liberia’s Independence Day. Today, Liberians are celebrating their 169th anniversary. At a café in a hotel in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, my mom found commemorative cookies to celebrate Independence Day.

Christmas Dress

My mom has been working in Liberia since July 2015. The other day, when she went to a hotel, she found this big Christmas tree. She was taking photos from several different angles, when she looked up and was “beary” amazed! Why?

A Gift of Grace to Be Shared

May 12th is my mom’s birthday. Oh, no! I should say, “May 12th is our global mom’s birthday.” She is not a mom only for me anymore; she serves as a global mom for everybody. On her birthday, she would like to send her special thanks to all of her family members on the earth.

Kopchai Lai Lai!

It’s always hard to say, “Good bye,” but the time has come! My mom, Yasuko, has worked on a sustainable rural development project in Laos for eight months. She has just finished her assignment there.

Keep on learning!

My mom, Yasuko, the founder of EEN, works as the knowledge management coordinator of EEN. She participated in a training course at MDF in the Netherlands. What impressed her most in the training was the knowledge pyramid. What is it?