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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

How was the year 2021 for you? Every year, on January 1, our global mom, Yasuko, writes in her agenda what she would like to do in the year ahead. One of her “New Year’s resolutions” was to start selling handicrafts she made as part of EEN activities. Look at the photos!

Mother Earth or “Mother Nature”

In Japan, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are very distinct. There are some countries which do not have many changes in their season’s weather and are often dry or rainy. In Japan, we have a rainy season, too. Our rainy season is from the end of May to the end of July. The period has slightly changed due to recent climate change.

A new beginning….

Hello, everybody. This is Bobby. I am back here! It has been a ‘beary’ long time since I wrote here last. I am ‘beary’ sorry for not having written for a long time. Yasuko, the EEN founder, our global mom as well, was working on restructuring the site. So, at the start of the new […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Our global mom, Yasuko, has a sister who has been making quilts for many years. Every year she displays her work at an exhibition held at the Osaka City Art Museum. This year, she exhibited a 1.7-meter square quilt entitled “Mother’s Garden.” Look at the quilt closely! Amazing! ‘Beary’ minute stitches on the big square! Red flowers are ‘beary’ beautiful!

Happy New Year!

The year 2019 has just started! You must feel ‘beary’ fresh now. What is your new year’s resolution? I use a ‘bear’ calendar at home. Every day, the bear gives me a sweet message. Let me share the Jan-1 message with you.

“Beary” Merry Christmas!

The other day, an envelope came in the mail for my mom. It was from Motherhouse, which is a bag brand my mom patronizes. Why does she love Motherhouse? The bags of Motherhouse are made in Bangladesh, where she used to work. The envelope looked like it contained Christmas brochures.

Mother’s Day

May 13 is Mother’s Day. Around the world, people think of their mothers in their own ways. I (= Bobby) am working as the face of EEN, which means I am the “son” of the founder of EEN, Yasuko, who is working as a global mom. Today, my mom wants to remember her mother on Mother’s Day with a message in my (Bobby’s) diary. Here is the message from her: