Enjoy dressing up wine bottles!

Look! Three wine bottles are dressed up. All are lovely! I bought the one on the left in Liberia, the middle one in Cambodia, and the bag on the right in the Philippines. All three are hand-made by local women.

Spring breeze from Kyrgyz

In Rome, where I live now, it is getting warmer and warmer day by day. I feel that spring is just around the corner. The other day, I bought several lovely scarves which would go well with my spring clothes. Look at the photo! The pink flowers and small hearts are creating a spring atmosphere.

Let’s BEAR paper!

Washi is Japanese hand-made paper. It is made from ‘kozo’ (paper mulberry). One of my Japanese friends launched a washi-making event with her friends. They make washi in winter. The other day, I visited the women’s group in a mountainous area of western Tokyo. Let me show how washi is made from kozo.

Let’s BEAR Santa!

Christmas is approaching. During this period, my friends, brothers, and sisters show up here and there in town to celebrate Christmas. Some of them play the part of Santa Claus. The other day, my mom found this Santa Bear at the reception of a hotel in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Look at this Bear! What do you think it is made of?


On January 13th, my mom left for Geneva by way of Istanbul. At the airport in Istanbul, she had to wait for about four hours to transit. When she was walking around at the airport, she was attracted by shopping bags carrying the words, “I LOVE MY PLANET.”

Eco Magic

Today, I would like to introduce a rush-made item that my mom brought back from Cambodia. Look at this! It looks like a purse, but it isn’t. What do you think it is?