Food and Agriculture

Let’s reduce food waste!

In August, I introduced a few ways to reduce food loss. Today, I would like to introduce a way to reduce food waste. You may think that “reducing food loss” and “reducing food waste” are the same. Yes, the two may be the same in a broad sense. However, I would like to regard “reducing food waste” as an initiative of using what is generally not used, while “reducing food loss” is a way to prevent food which is supposed to be eaten from being throwing away.

Carrot transformation

In my diary dated 10 July 2021, I introduced a nearby café selling carrots with bruises, which cannot be sold at the wholesale market in Japan where quality control is ‘beary’ strict. I bought some damaged carrots at the café. How did I cook them? You will see what I transformed them into. Scroll down, please!

Cooking Challenge!

On 6th February, I participated in a cooking event called “Cooking Challenge,” which was organized by the Rotary Club in Rome. The event was held at a vocational school for hotel management in the outskirts of Rome. When I arrived there, students dressed in uniforms welcomed me at the reception.

The EEN family is everywhere! (1)

EEN stands for the Economic Empowerment Network. EEN is pronounced “ee (ii)-en.” In Japanese, “ee (ii)” means “good,” and “en” has two meanings: the first is “human relationships” or a bond decided by fate; the second is “circle.” Today, let me introduce an “EEN” that has been established in the community where I (= Bobby) and the EEN founder, our global mom (= Yasuko) live.

Art of Vegetables

The other day, I went to a French restaurant in Tokyo. Look at this! Isn’t it so beautiful? It is a terrine made with different vegetables. My friend and I tried to count how many kinds of vegetables were used in the vegetable art: broccoli; cauliflower; cucumber; okra; haricot bean; spinach; white leek; mushroom; baby corn…..