Food and Agriculture

Cooking Challenge!

On 6th February, I participated in a cooking event called “Cooking Challenge,” which was organized by the Rotary Club in Rome. The event was held at a vocational school for hotel management in the outskirts of Rome. When I arrived there, students dressed in uniforms welcomed me at the reception.

The EEN family is everywhere! (1)

EEN stands for the Economic Empowerment Network. EEN is pronounced “ee (ii)-en.” In Japanese, “ee (ii)” means “good,” and “en” has two meanings: the first is “human relationships” or a bond decided by fate; the second is “circle.” Today, let me introduce an “EEN” that has been established in the community where I (= Bobby) and the EEN founder, our global mom (= Yasuko) live.

Art of Vegetables

The other day, I went to a French restaurant in Tokyo. Look at this! Isn’t it so beautiful? It is a terrine made with different vegetables. My friend and I tried to count how many kinds of vegetables were used in the vegetable art: broccoli; cauliflower; cucumber; okra; haricot bean; spinach; white leek; mushroom; baby corn…..

Sushi is a creative art!

Sushi is one of the well-known Japanese dishes. My mom is working in Liberia. In Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, there are two restaurants where Sushi is served. She went to one of them the other day. When she was looking at the menu, she was intrigued by one of the names.

Hydrangeas in the Rainy Season

June and July bring around the rainy season in Japan. During the season, hydrangeas are beautiful everywhere. Colorful hydrangeas are also in bloom near my apartment. The other day, my mom went to a cake shop near our apartment, and found this item there. What does it look like?

What is happening in the fruit value chain?

It might be a little too late, but let me tell you about this. On January 3rd, my mom went to a restaurant in Tokyo to have lunch with her friend. Across the road from the restaurant, they found a famous fruit shop. They dropped in the fruit shop, and my mom was “beary” surprised to see the prices of the fruit there.

There is no accounting for taste.

There are a lot of “food cultures” in the world. Eating habits differ, depending on the country. My mom has been working in Laos since last November, where they eat worms, insects, frogs, and small animals. Have you ever eaten any of them? Would you like to try some?