Hands-on Experience for Women’s Empowerment

Look at these baskets! Our global mom, Yasuko, made them by hand. Aren’t they lovely?

When Yasuko visited Asian and African countries, she saw women making baskets. She saw a wide variety of baskets made from plant material. Observing women weaving or crocheting baskets, she felt how strenuous it was to make a basket. As she had wanted to experience this strenuous work, she crocheted these baskets. As a women’s empowerment specialist, she believes that having a hands-on experience is important, rather than just advocating the significance of women’s empowerment. As she completed the two baskets in a few days, she has a stiff neck and shoulders now. ‘Beary’ nice hands-on experience! Mom, are you going to put some sweets in the baskets for me? Ha, ha, ha!