Washi paper art, traditional Japanese paper

What lovely mushrooms! They are keychains. The other day, our global mom, Yasuko, received them from her Japanese friend, Akemi. How perfect for an autumn gift! These mushroom-shaped keychains are made of traditional Japanese paper called washi. Yasuko’s friend makes washi from plant fibers and creates very lovely items.

Look at the tray below! It also produces a natural autumn atmosphere. Akemi enjoys making washi with her friends. The washi that her group makes has the name, Tokyo Tokura Washi. The brand name derives from the geographical area where her washi-making activities take place. She creates her original items and sells them under that brand name. She is a fantastic washi artist!

In 2019, Yasuko visited her group and enjoyed making washi with them. I wrote about it in my diary then. If you are interested in how they made washi from plant fibers, click on the link below!

Let’s BEAR paper!