The Month of 3Rs (1)

Look at the photo! Our global mom looks ‘beary’ happy, pointing at the brooch on her cardigan. Can you guess why she is so happy with the brooch? Can you guess what it is made of? I will give you a hint.

In Japan, October is the month of 3Rs. What does 3Rs stand for? It stands for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The Japanese government designated October as the month of 3Rs, when people are expected to pay special attention to saving resources and preserving the natural environment.

The Economic Empowerment Network (EEN) also promotes 3Rs not only in October but also throughout the year. Today, I would like to introduce a nice 3Rs product that our global mom, Yasuko, bought the other day. Now can you tell what the brooch is made of?

Yes! It is made of pull tabs from drink cans. A Brazilian women’s group made this. Amazing! On 29 May 2019, I introduced another pull-tab product on the EEN website. The link below will tell you more. Click on it to see!

Cool Silver!