Carrot transformation

In my diary dated 7 August 2021, I introduced a nearby café selling carrots with bruises, which cannot be sold at the wholesale market in Japan where quality control is ‘beary’ strict. I bought some damaged carrots at the café. How did I cook them? You will see what I transformed them into. Scroll down, please!

Carrots with some bruises… no problem at all!

I cut them into small pieces.

The carrot pieces are boiled in water until they become soft.

The carrot pieces are mixed in a blender.

Butter is put in a pan, which should not be too hot (over low heat).

When the butter has melted, some wheat flour is added gradually, mixing it quickly.

Milk is then gradually added, also mixing it quickly.

Mix it together until it becomes pasty.

The carrot paste is poured in (over mid/high heat).

All is mixed well. Completed!

Warm carrot soup!

After having a bowl of carrot soup, I kept the rest in the refrigerator for the next day.

Cold carrot soup!

In summer, the cold one is also ‘beary’ delicious!