Bread’s mission and destiny

Bread’s mission on the earth is to give energy and nutrition to human beings, so it should be fresh. How fresh does bread have to be in a bakery or café?

The other day, I went to a café near my apartment, where a variety of fresh bread is placed on trays. Upon entering the café, I was intrigued by a bag containing three pieces of bread. A sign read, “Eco: bread-rescue pack.” I immediately understood what it meant. The bread-rescue pack containing three pieces was priced at 300 yen (US$2.7). As one piece is usually US$1.7, the rescue pack gives us a big discount.

The café has started this initiative to help with the reduction of food loss. According to the café staff, before the initiative was launched, the bread baked at 6:30 in the morning was destined to be thrown away if it had not been sold before 11:00 am as it has to be fresh enough for customers. What a waste! The shelf life of bread is only four and half hours?! Poor bread….!

I know that the bread there even after 11:00 am still remains safe and tasty. I bought a bread-rescue pack, and enjoyed it with coffee! I thank the café for having started this initiative. Let’s reduce food loss together!