Let’s empower African youth!

Our global mom, Yasuko, has worked to aid entrepreneurship development in the agricultural sector, namely, agripreneurship development, in many African countries, where she met energetic young African leaders who were working for their fellows community members. EEN has decided to partner with two young agripreneurs: one Liberian and one Tanzanian.

The objective of both these young agripreneurs is to create employment opportunities in the community through agribusiness development. Bartuah (Liberia) and Herman (Tanzania) are highly motivated to work for those in vulnerable positions, especially for youth and women. EEN is ‘beary’ happy to work with these two brilliant and enthusiastic young agripreneurs. For details of Bartuah’s and Herman’s agribusinesses, simply click on https://www.een-letsbear.com/what-we-do/#wwd-1