Mother Earth or “Mother Nature”

In Japan, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are very distinct. There are some countries which do not have many changes in their season’s weather and are often dry or rainy. In Japan, we have a rainy season, too. Our rainy season is from the end of May to the end of July. The period has slightly changed due to recent climate change.

In the rainy season in Japan, hydrangeas are beautiful. You could see hydrangeas in purple, light pink and blue. Look at this photo! These hydrangeas are blooming in the garden of Yasuko’s late parents. Her mother had enjoyed gardening until she passed away 14 years ago.

Nobody takes care of the garden any more, but still now, various seasonal flowers bloom in the garden. In spring, tulips, freesias, irises, and azaleas are lovely. Yasuko always feels that her mother is still alive through these flowers. Yes, she must be there! All the nouns for the elements necessary for blooming, water, sunshine, and nutrients from soil, are feminine in French: de l’eau, la lumière, and la terre. Furthermore, nature is also a feminine noun, la nature. Yasuko believes that her mother is still alive in the form of nature, and always feels empowered by “Mother Nature.”