A new beginning….

Hello, everybody. This is Bobby. I am back here! It has been a ‘beary’ long time since I wrote here last. I am ‘beary’ sorry for not having written for a long time. Yasuko, the EEN founder, our global mom as well, was working on restructuring the site. So, at the start of the new EEN website, she sends greetings to you all. Here is her message:

Dear Everyone,

Eight years have passed since I launched the EEN website in 2013. During those eight years, EEN mainly updated the blog, namely, Bobby’s posting of an article in the section of Bobby’s Diary. A few years ago, I imported bags and aprons with African designs made by a women’s group in Liberia. However, after selling the first batch of the products, I was not able to continue it. From now onwards, I would like to resume working with the Liberian women’s group, Bosh Bosh, and also start partnering with young agripreneurs working in Africa. Bobby and I will be more active in order to fulfill EEN’s slogan. Be Empowered with Available Resources. Let’s BEAR!

10 July 2021
Yasuko Ose