Let’s reduce food waste!

In August, I introduced a few ways to reduce food loss. Today, I would like to introduce a way to reduce food waste. You may think that “reducing food loss” and “reducing food waste” are the same. Yes, the two may be the same in a broad sense. However, I would like to regard “reducing food waste” as an initiative of using what is generally not used, while “reducing food loss” is a way to prevent food which is supposed to be eaten from being throwing away.

Carrot transformation

In my diary dated 10 July 2021, I introduced a nearby café selling carrots with bruises, which cannot be sold at the wholesale market in Japan where quality control is ‘beary’ strict. I bought some damaged carrots at the café. How did I cook them? You will see what I transformed them into. Scroll down, please!

Mother Earth or “Mother Nature”

In Japan, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are very distinct. There are some countries which do not have many changes in their season’s weather and are often dry or rainy. In Japan, we have a rainy season, too. Our rainy season is from the end of May to the end of July. The period has slightly changed due to recent climate change.

A new beginning….

Hello, everybody. This is Bobby. I am back here! It has been a ‘beary’ long time since I wrote here last. I am ‘beary’ sorry for not having written for a long time. Yasuko, the EEN founder, our global mom as well, was working on restructuring the site. So, at the start of the new […]