Enjoy dressing up wine bottles!

Look! Three wine bottles are dressed up. All are lovely! I bought the one on the left in Liberia, the middle one in Cambodia, and the bag on the right in the Philippines. All three are hand-made by local women.

These are made by the Liberian women’s group, Bosh Bosh, which group I introduced previously on the EEN website. https://www.een-letsbear.com/what-we-do/een-supports-bosh-bosh-scholarship-programme-and-vocational-training/

This is made of mat rush. I bought it in Cambodia. The pink collar is ‘beary’ pretty.

I have been to the Philippines many times for my work. I visited quite a few women’s groups recycling or ‘upcycling’ thrown-away material into lovely items. The wine bag on the left is made of old newspapers, and the other one is made of fruit juice packages.

Why don’t you enjoy dressing up wine when you buy a bottle from an Italian restaurant to bring back home or when you take one to a party at a friend’s place?