Let’s BEAR music together!

I like music ‘beary’ much because music is a universal language. We can enjoy singing or making sounds together with instruments. Music makes us happy and soothes our souls. I am interested in musical instruments. Look at these! I bought them in Ghana. What are they? How can we use them?

These are maracas. They are made of straw, and seeds are inside. As these are hand-made from natural material, each maraca makes a different sound from another.

Next, look at this! It is a large and long bean-pod, and there are beans inside. It is also a maraca. Why don’t you shake it?

Now I am wondering where in Ghana and who are making maracas like these. Women? Men? The young? The elderly? Hand-made musical instruments not only bring joy and healing to our hearts but also create income-generating opportunities for local people. Someday, I would like to organize a concert with hand-made musical instruments from various countries. Would you like to join us? Let’s BEAR music together!