Environmentally Friendly Grocery Shopping

I am ‘beary’ sorry for not having written for a long time. In mid-March, I came back to Japan right after the lockdown was enforced in Italy because of the corona pandemic. I have since been teleworking in Japan.

While I am in Japan, I enjoy cooking Japanese food. I go grocery shopping at a nearby supermarket with one of these bags. I like both of the vivid designs. I might have introduced them a few years ago, but let me introduce them again. Both are recycled or ‘up-cycled’ bags made by a women’s group in the Philippines. The bigger one is made of fruit juice packages (apple, mango, grape, orange, and pineapple), and the smaller one is made of tomato ketchup packages. ‘Beary’ creative!

In Japan, a new rule took effect on 1 July 2020, which stipulates that the majority of plastic bags at all shops are no longer free. Recently, an increasing number of Japanese have begun to use their own grocery bags for all kinds of shopping, which is ‘beary’ environmentally friendly. How about in your country?

For further information about fruit juice package bags and accessories, please click below.

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