A “Life Cycle” and “Up-cycling” of Plastic Bottles

Separating garbage has become quite common in many countries. This is also adopted in Rome, where I live now. I take empty plastic bottles to a collection point every weekend, and always think how they will be recycled.

Recently, in a boutique in Rome, I found a “beary” nice product made of plastic bottles. Look at this pouch! Have a closer look at it. You see a lot of plastic bottles on it.

As the patterns on the pouch show, it was made from plastic bottles. Amazing! How could plastic bottles be turned into such a nice pouch! Who came up with such a wonderful idea? Genius! Plastic bottles thrown away as garbage have been reincarnated or “up-cycled” into lovely pouches. I will use it next time I go on a mission. Using an environmentally friendly product makes me feel like caring about not only the natural environment, but also the people around me. In your busy life, why don’t you stop for a while and think about the life cycle of plastic bottles? I am sure that you will feel ‘beary’ warm, knowing what they can be made into.