‘Beary’ Merry Christmas from Rome!

This is my second time to celebrate Christmas in Rome. Today, when I went to a supermarket, I came across a handicraft exhibition in front of the supermarket. I was intrigued by these Christmas trees made of cork. Look! Aren’t they so lovely?

A lot of bottle corks are thrown away, but an Italian woman who made these Christmas trees receives corks from her friend who is a sommelier, a professional wine selector and server.

Last year, before Christmas, I introduced a different cork Christmas tree. To see it, please click below.


In Italy, people drink a lot of wine, which is part of their culture. Other than Christmas trees, I have seen many other cork-recycled products in Rome. Corks are recycled or “up-cycled” into bags, pouches, sandals, etc. While I live in Rome, I am going to collect as many kinds of cork-recycled products as possible. I will introduce them on the EEN website whenever I find a nice one.

This is my last blog for this year. I will be back here in January. I wish you a ‘beary’ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!