“Furture” for the future

In Rome, I found a ‘beary’ interesting shop named “Furture.” An Italian woman opened the shop under the concept of it being cruelty-free. In the shop, a variety of items which are made of cruelty-free materials instead of fur or leather are showcased. Look at this bag! What do you think it is made of?

This bag is made from apple fiber. Did you know that fiber could be extracted from apples? I did not know that. An Italian brand, R&New, which deals with eco-bags and accessories invented apple-fiber bags in different designs. Besides apple fiber bags, R&New has developed cellulose-fiber bags. How creative they are!

For further information, click below.

Furture: https://www.facebook.com/furturecrueltyfree/

R&New: http://www.r-new.it/en/