The Oldest Piano in the World

Did you know that the world’s oldest piano was invented in the early 18th century? Look at this piano! This was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1722. The invention of the piano must have been an epoch-making event in those days. It is almost 300 years since the piano came into the world. Our global mom, Yasuko, always says that music can easily cross national borders, and I would say that music can also cross generations.

At present the world’s oldest piano is exhibited in the National Museum of Musical Instruments in Rome. The other day, I visited the museum and looked at various ancient musical instruments. I was so impressed by a variety of pianos. On the back of the lids of the pianos made during the 18th and 19th centuries, you can see beautiful paintings. In those days, a piano must have been a luxury.

A vertically long-shaped piano was also exhibited. It looks like a clock, but there is a keyboard at the bottom. ‘Beary’ interesting indeed!

This is a pipe organ. It creates a ‘beary’ authentic atmosphere.

This is a harp. The design (gold sculpture) is so beautiful.

Ancient stringed instruments like mandolins, and wind instruments like flutes were also exhibited.

Sometimes, a concert using ancient musical instruments is held at the museum. If you have a chance to visit Rome, why don’t you drop by the National Museum of Musical Instruments and feel the history of classical music?