Happy Mother’s Day!

Our global mom, Yasuko, has a sister who has been making quilts for many years. Every year she displays her work at an exhibition held at the Osaka City Art Museum. This year, she exhibited a 1.7-meter square quilt entitled “Mother’s Garden.” Look at the quilt closely! Amazing! ‘Beary’ minute stitches on the big square! Red flowers are ‘beary’ beautiful!

The name, “Mother’s Garden,” reminds me of how her late mother loved gardening, and that a variety of beautiful flowers were in bloom in her garden throughout the year. The flower-pattered cloth used in this quilt was found in a closet in her mother’s room after she had passed away. She has ‘reincarnated’ in this masterpiece of a quilt. A mother’s love is like beautiful flowers.

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Putting your hectic schedule aside, why don’t you pause a little while, feel your mother’s love with your eyes closed, and think about how you could express your love to others as a “mother.” Happy Mother’s Day!