The EEN family is everywhere! (2)

Did you read the latest post of Bobby’s Diary?   I wrote about a pizza and barbecue party in my neighborhood, which was a ‘beary’ good opportunity to expand my EEN family. At the party, we all got intrigued with the tattoos of the Italian man.

In some countries, people enjoy tattooing as part of their fashion, but unlike those countries, tattoos do not have a good image in Japan. We were a bit surprised when we saw the tattoos on his arms, but looking closer at them, we realized what they were. Look! Can you see what they are?

His tattoos are arm bands! They look so real! Immediately, some of the participants tried them on.

According to the Italian man, these were a gift from a Japanese friend. Who “invented” arm bands like these? ‘Beary’ creative! Somewhere in Japan, various kinds of arm bands must be sold. Bear-fur arm bands might be available! A costume like that will add fun to a party. Why don’t you hold a party to expand your EEN with some funny costumes! Ha, ha, ha!