The EEN family is everywhere! (1)

EEN stands for the Economic Empowerment Network. EEN is pronounced “ee (ii)-en.” In Japanese, “ee (ii)” means “good,” and “en” has two meanings: the first is “human relationships” or a bond decided by fate; the second is “circle.” Today, let me introduce an “EEN” that has been established in the community where I (= Bobby) and the EEN founder, our global mom (= Yasuko) live.

One beautiful day in April, a family, who runs an Italian restaurant near my apartment, invited our global mom, Yasuko, to a pizza and barbecue party in their garden. She often goes to the Italian restaurant. She likes not only the Italian dishes served there but also the family working there. A ‘beary’ cozy atmosphere always soothes her.

The Japanese chef of the Italian restaurant (Right)

On that day, the family invited their friends and patrons to the restaurant to the party. Most of them were new to Yasuko, but it did not take a minute to become friends with them. She was ‘beary’ happy to find out that all of them were not just friendly but really good at caring about others. While making and eating pizza, and barbecuing meat and vegetables, she enjoyed chatting with them. By the end of the party, she was ‘beary’ happy to have established new “EEN” contacts with those who participated. Now she says that a new EEN family has been created in her neighborhood. Let me share some photos of the party!

The Japanese man (on the right) invited us all to his garden. The Italian man (on the left) is about to put a pizza in the oven. He came to Japan more than 15 years ago, and currently works as a cameriere (in Italian), a “professional” waiter (in English), in an Italian restaurant in Japan.

The Italian man is making pizza dough, stretching it very thin. He has never received “formal training” on how to make a pizza, but he can make one very well. According to him, it is quite natural that he can make pizza well because he is Italian!

The Japanese chef is “supervising” his daughter who is making pizza dough. The dad looks ‘beary’ serious.

The Italian “self-proclaimed chef” passes on his pizza-making technique to a Japanese boy. The boy looks ‘beary’ happy!

These boys are good school friends. They enjoy making pizza together.

A couple takes out a pizza from the oven. I would suggest that at a wedding ceremony, cake-cutting should be replaced by pizza-making! What do you think about it? Ha, ha, ha!