Beauty after Cherry Blossoms

Japan’s cherry blossoms are ‘beary’ famous, and the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms is shown on TV worldwide. Every year, from the end of March to the beginning of April, a large number of tourists visit Japan from all over the world in order to see cherry blossoms. In Japan, however, we have many varieties of spring flowers other than cherry blossoms. Even after cherry blossom petals have fallen from the trees, we can still enjoy lovely spring flowers. Look! Now, azaleas are in full bloom!

(The Gate of Nezu Shrine)

This magnificent natural beauty soothed me. Flowers have a mysterious power to make people happy. Why don’t you visit Japan next April and stay here for three weeks from the beginning of April? Then, you will enjoy both cherry blossoms and azaleas! Hey, start making a plan now!