Let’s BEAR Christmas trees!

Christmas is just around the corner. This year my mom is enjoying Christmas decorations in Rome. Wherever she is, she always searches lovely Christmas decorations which represent the concept of Let’s BEAR: Be Empowered with Available Resources. Look at this Christmas tree! She found it in a café near her workplace in Rome.



It is made of corks. In Italy, bars are everywhere, and people enjoy wine every day. Sipping wine is part of Italian culture. In Italy, there are a lot of corks from wine bottles. Those corks, which might have been thrown away, have been reincarnated as a lovely Christmas tree. Fantastic!

This is another Christmas tree that my mom found at the entrance of a restaurant in Rome. This one is a real tree.


Have a closer look at it. The decorations put on the green tree are made of branches which are cut into pieces. I feel energy from this natural Christmas tree.



What Christmas decorations do you have at home? Why don’t you make something special for Christmas? It is always “beary” nice to be creative. Be Empowered with Available Resources. Let’s BEAR!