Let’s BEAR Christmas trees!

Christmas is just around the corner. This year my mom is enjoying Christmas decorations in Rome. Wherever she is, she always searches lovely Christmas decorations which represent the concept of Let’s BEAR: Be Empowered with Available Resources. Look at this Christmas tree! She found it in a café near her workplace in Rome.

Happy Eco Wallets

Look at the lovely wallets in the photo! My mom bought them in Liberia. While she was working in Liberia, she sometimes visited a shop which was run by a women’s group making bags and accessories with traditional West African designs. The outer part is made of cloth, but what do you think the inner part is made of? Let’s unzip one of them and I’ll show you!

A “BEAR” Bag from Liberia

My mom worked in Liberia from July 2015 to March 2017. Wherever she is, she always looks for a “Let’s BEAR” product made of locally available resources by hand. During her stay in Liberia, she found the “Let’s BEAR” bag in the photo. What do you think it is made of? Have a close look at the brown mesh?

“Beary” Disciplined and Environmentally Friendly

My mom is always saying, “The Japanese are the most disciplined people in the world,” though she has never visited all the countries on the earth. She says that there are a lot of examples that can prove the Japanese are the most disciplined people in the world. The garbage collection practice in our apartments is one of the examples.