Sushi is a creative art!

Sushi is one of the well-known Japanese dishes. My mom is working in Liberia. In Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, there are two restaurants where Sushi is served. She went to one of them the other day. When she was looking at the menu, she was intrigued by one of the names, “Dragon Revenge.” Does this look like a dragon?




The head is a prawn, and prawn cut into pieces is in the Sushi rolls. It is topped with avocado. I guess that the cook who invented this roll wanted to compare a prawn to a dragon. Then, where does “revenge” come in? Does it look like it holds a grudge against somebody? I don’t think so. I can hear the dragon saying, “I am delicious. Please eat me. I am here to satisfy your appetite. If you don’t eat me up, I will get revenge on you.” Ha, ha, ha!