What does “GVA” stand for?

Look at this! What do you think it is?


My mom went to Switzerland last month, and stayed there for a week. In Geneva, when she dropped in a kiosk at Geneva Station, she was fascinated by this. It’s a postcard!

My mom says that it stood out in the postcard rack because of the naturalness it had. She took it from the rack, and looked at the back of it to see what it was made of. It said, “bamboo made.” Amazing! How could it be possible to transform a cylindrical bamboo into a flat postcard? Who invented this technology?


My mom has visited a lot of Asian and African countries, and has been involved in projects promoting “Be Empowered with Available Resources.” She has observed a lot of nice bamboo-made products in Asia and Africa, but this was her first time to see a bamboo-made postcard.

The company called GVA is making postcards from bamboo. Two Swiss people started the business. GVA is a Geneva-based company. GVA is an acronym for Geneva, and at the same time, it stands for Green Value Attitude. All the bamboo postcards that GVA produces are carbon neutral. What a wonderful green business!

On the postcard, a typical Swiss landscape with a lot of cows is depicted. I think that a lot of tourists are attracted by this design. My mom was one of them.

If you want to know more about GVA’s bamboo-made postcards, click below!