Let’s BEAR also in 2015!

Happy New Year! The year 2015 has just started. It is the sheep year in the Oriental zodiac. But for me, it is a “BEAR” year every year because I need to lead people to Be Empowered with Available Resources every year. Ha, ha, ha! Look at this photo! Four bears are lying on a tree. They are my stepbrothers, not biologically related brothers. Do you know why?




My mom made these four bears. She is “beary” good at making dolls and stuffed animals. They were “born” from her hands about 15 years ago. As for me, my mom found me at a drug store in Pittsburgh when she was a graduate student there. I was “adopted” by my mom. That’s why these four bears are my stepbrothers.

These four bears can move their legs, arms, and heads because buckles are built in at the joints (hip, shoulder, and neck). My mom used such special techniques to make them move.

Techniques, skills, and knowledge that people already have are regarded as resources. Be Empowered with Available Resources! Let’s BEAR also in 2015!