On January 13th, my mom left for Geneva by way of Istanbul. At the airport in Istanbul, she had to wait for about four hours to transit. When she was walking around at the airport, she was attracted by shopping bags carrying the words, “I LOVE MY PLANET.” She immediately thought that those bags must be made of jute. She checked the label on the carton box, and found out they were made of jute and also imported from India.

I Love My Planet

Generally, at an airport, people drop into several shops and buy a lot of stuff. If they shop with an “I LOVE MY PLANET” bag, they do not need to get a plastic or paper bag at every store they shop. By declining a plastic or paper bag at a shop, they can contribute to reducing waste. I think that the “I LOVE MY PLANET” bag is a kind of “eco bag.”

On November 25, 2014, in my diary (Bobby’s Diary), I already introduced another type of “eco bag.” If you want to know more about it, click here!