Let’s BEAR Santa!

Christmas is approaching. During this period, my friends, brothers, and sisters show up here and there in town to celebrate Christmas. Some of them play the part of Santa Claus. The other day, my mom found this Santa Bear at the reception of a hotel in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Look at this Bear! What do you think it is made of?

Christmas Dress

My mom has been working in Liberia since July 2015. The other day, when she went to a hotel, she found this big Christmas tree. She was taking photos from several different angles, when she looked up and was “beary” amazed! Why?

Hydrangeas in the Rainy Season

June and July bring around the rainy season in Japan. During the season, hydrangeas are beautiful everywhere. Colorful hydrangeas are also in bloom near my apartment. The other day, my mom went to a cake shop near our apartment, and found this item there. What does it look like?

A Gift of Grace to Be Shared

May 12th is my mom’s birthday. Oh, no! I should say, “May 12th is our global mom’s birthday.” She is not a mom only for me anymore; she serves as a global mom for everybody. On her birthday, she would like to send her special thanks to all of her family members on the earth.

What is happening in the fruit value chain?

It might be a little too late, but let me tell you about this. On January 3rd, my mom went to a restaurant in Tokyo to have lunch with her friend. Across the road from the restaurant, they found a famous fruit shop. They dropped in the fruit shop, and my mom was “beary” surprised to see the prices of the fruit there.