Keep on learning!

My mom, Yasuko, the founder of EEN, works as the knowledge management coordinator of EEN. She participated in a training course at MDF in the Netherlands. What impressed her most in the training was the knowledge pyramid. What is it?

Beer Holder or Water Holder?

The other day, my mom, who is working in a small town in Laos, went to a cafe for lunch. After ordering a tuna sandwich, she looked around the café as she waited. She is always looking for “Let’s BEAR” products.

“Beary” Happy New Year for 2014!

My mom is sending you a New Year’s message from Laos. She is ubiquitous. She is always out of home, working abroad as a global mother. In 2014, she may show up in your country! If you see her in your country, say, “Let’s BEAR!” to her, instead of “hello.”