White Bears for a White Christmas?

Look! My mom knitted this jacket about 20 years ago. She looks “beary” happy in this photo. I am jealous of the two white bears on the jacket.

yasuko_smMy mom’s mother was “beary” good at knitting. When my mom was a little girl, her mother knitted a lot of pullovers and cardigans for her. For several years, every December, my mom’s mother used to participate in a hand-made product fair at a department store in Osaka, Japan. That was more than 30 years ago. My mom’s mother was a full-time housewife, and during the fair, she looked “beary” happy, selling a lot of pullovers, jackets, cardigans, and vests that she had knitted. In those days, my mom was a junior high school student. As her daughter, my mom got an impression that her mother was “empowered” by selling the products that she had made. I think that my mom’s current profession originated from her mother’s participation in the hand-made product fair more than 30 years ago.

When my mom has free time, she enjoys knitting (her knitting technique is not as good as her mother’s, though). My mom’s mother passed away seven years ago, but her love and knitting techniques are still alive in my mom. Every winter, especially during the Christmas season, my mom thinks back on her mother at home knitting. This was the catalyst for my mom to work for women’s empowerment, more precisely speaking, for people’s empowerment by “bearing” hand-made products.

bobby_smCurrently, my mom is working not only for women but also for men. She is working for everybody. That’s why she is called a ‘Global Mom.’ She enjoys proposing a variety of ideas of “Let’s BEAR” products. Anybody can Be Empowered with Available Resources.

Please enjoy this special season with those you love. My mom and I wish you a “Beary” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!