Eco Magic

eco_bag_1_smIn the previous article of my diary (Bobby’s Diary), I introduced a wine holder made of mat rush that my mom had bought in Cambodia. Today, I would like to introduce another rush-made item that she brought back from Cambodia. Look at this! It looks like a purse, but it isn’t. What do you think it is? You can see a hook on the right. If you unhook it,

eco_bag_2_smyou will find beautiful cloth folded on the inside. The traditional Cambodian pattern of cloth is “beary” nice, and the purple color creates a mysterious atmosphere. Can you guess what it is?

If you pull out the handles folded in on top, you will get a wonderful bag. Wow! What magic!

eco_bag_3_smIn Japan, when people go to a supermarket or grocery store, it is recommended that they bring a bag there and decline the plastic bags at the register. It is because Japanese society is trying to be environmentally friendly by reducing waste. Nowadays, a lot of Japanese people bring their bags to supermarkets. In light of the environmental friendliness, the bags that they bring from home are called “eco bag(s).”

As well as the rush-made wine holder that I introduced previously, this eco bag is also a handmade product by Cambodian women. The eco bag contributes not only to the women’s economic empowerment in Cambodia but also to the environmental protection of the world! How wonderful! In your country, why don’t you invent an eco bag with which people can perform the feat of magic?