Let’s have a “Let’s BEAR” concert!

The other day, my mom went to the World Musical Instrument Museum in Tokyo with her piano teacher. A variety of musical instruments from all over the world are exhibited there.

Look! My mom is playing a xylophone made of bamboo. It is from Indonesia.


Look at the big gourd my mom is holding! It is from Brazil. It looks like a big maracas. She did not find a name for this musical instrument. She thinks that it must be a kind of caxirola, which is a musical instrument in Brazil for folk music. The caxirola was used in the cheering sections at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


If you want to see what a caxirola looks like, click here!



On the left, you can see a sax made of bamboo. It is from Madagascar.

These musical instruments are also good examples of the effective utilization of local resources. Be Empowered with Available Resources! Why don’t we join a “Let’s BEAR” concert? Ha, ha, ha!