EEN stands for “Ethical” Empowerment Network?

Lead_smWhen my mom found this item in the women’s bag section in a department store in Osaka, Japan, the pattern on the brown material immediately caught her eye. It depicts women’s life in Africa. Since my mom used to work in Ethiopia, she was interested in the bag. The section she was in was Carmina Campus, which is an Italian brand for UP-cycled products.

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A bag that I introduced on October 12, 2013 in Bobby’s Diary was made by Kenyan women in the Ethical Fashion Initiative Project, which was started by the International Trade Center (ITC) with an objective to empower women. Ilaria Venturini Fendi, an Italian designer, has been working for the Ethical Fashion Initiative Project. She designs bags and accessories by re-cycling old unused materials. In other words, she is a professional “UP-cycling” designer.

bag_wholeview_smSince my mom knew that all the Carmina Campus bags were UP-cycled products, she asked the clerk what the white net on the bag used to be. She told my mom that it used to be a volleyball net.” Immediately, my mom got more interested in the bag because she was a volleyball player in her high school days. She said, “Amazing!” again and again, and kept asking the clerk questions. The black shoulder straps used to be soldiers’ belts. Illaria creates wonderful products without using any new material. That means all the products of Carmina Campus are environmentally friendly.

In addition, the working conditions of the African workers in the Ethical Fashion Initiative Project comply with the regulations of the Fair Labor Association in terms of working hours, wages, and workplace environment. That’s why the work is called “Ethical” Fashion Initiative.

My mom likes this concept “beary” much along with the lovely products. Whenever she goes out with one of the Carmina Campus bags that she bought, she explains to her friends the story behind the bag. My mom says, “How wonderful the world would be if all the businesses in the world were ‘ethical’?” Let’s promote the idea of “ethical” work through the Economic Empowerment Network! Oh, what a nice coincidence! EEN could stand for the “Ethical” Empowerment Network? Ha, ha, ha!

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