Eco Magic

Today, I would like to introduce a rush-made item that my mom brought back from Cambodia. Look at this! It looks like a purse, but it isn’t. What do you think it is?

Fair Play with Fair Feet

One of the things that my mom believes can easily cross national borders is sport. When my mom worked for a rural development project in Bangladesh in 2006, she enjoyed football with her Bangladeshi and Japanese colleagues.

Kopchai Lai Lai!

It’s always hard to say, “Good bye,” but the time has come! My mom, Yasuko, has worked on a sustainable rural development project in Laos for eight months. She has just finished her assignment there.

There is no accounting for taste.

There are a lot of “food cultures” in the world. Eating habits differ, depending on the country. My mom has been working in Laos since last November, where they eat worms, insects, frogs, and small animals. Have you ever eaten any of them? Would you like to try some?