Origami (Paper-folding Art)

My mom is good at making lovely things with paper. She folds paper into flowers, animals, dolls, boxes, and so on. In Japan, it is quite common that children learn how to fold paper into figures. This paper-folding technique in various colors is called Origami. My mom is “beary” good at Origami.

Why was I named Bobby?

Some of you might be wondering why I was named Bobby. Today let me tell you why my mom named me Bobby.

When my mom, Yasuko, was a little girl, her parents bought two stuffed pandas for her. One was a male panda, and the other one was a female panda. His name was Bob, and her name was Poppy. My mom loved Bob and Poppy “beary” much. She played and slept with them every day. Bob and Poppy were her best friends in her childhood.

About twenty years had passed.

Let’s Drop “A Drop” in the Ocean!

On Saturday, April 27th, my mom went to a charity bazaar which her best friend in her university days held for orphans who had lost their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake which had occurred on March 11th, 2011.

Do I Look Stylish?

Look! I am wearing a blue shirt today. Do I look stylish? Look at my shirt carefully. What do you think is this made of? Did someone say, “Cotton?” Yes, it’s made of cotton. But that is not the only answer I expected. Look at my shirt more carefully.

A Spring Gift has come from a forest to Tokyo.

Hello, everybody! This is Bobby. One month has passed since the EEN website was launched on March 11, 2013. My mom and I feel connected to a lot of people in the world. Thank you for visiting our website. When my mom goes out, she sometimes buys samples which signify the effective utilization of local […]

Greetings from Yasuko

I am delighted to launch the EEN website thanks to the support of a lot of warm-hearted people. I would like to provide useful information for you to Be Empowered with Available Resources.