Tips for Success

bobby-L01smIn this section, I would like to introduce some tips about how to face the challenges that those who plan and implement rural development or agribusiness development projects or those who have started or will start small businesses are likely to face. Looking back on my experience both in developing countries and rural Japan, I can think of a lot of difficult issues that they were struggling with; for example, how to procure machinery and equipment for processing, how to obtain a processing facility, how to obtain initial and operating costs, how to manage a large group, and so on. For each challenge, I would like to explain and give at least one example on how it was faced and successfully overcome.

How to Manage a Large Group

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In your country, I guess there are a lot of women’s groups which are doing income-generating activities. On average, how many members are there in one group? According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan, in 2010 there were 5,284 women’s groups which were doing income-generating activities in rural Japan.

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How to “Obtain” Packaging Machines and Materials

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One of the major challenges that farmers’ groups face in developing countries is packaging and labeling. Proper packaging and labeling is a must in order to sell processed food. Generally speaking, however, packaging machines are too expensive to buy. It is very often the case that local people do not know how to package food, what kind of material should be used for the packages, or what kind of information the labels should carry. I would like to introduce an effective approach to address these issues that one of the provinces in the Philippines has adopted.

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Where to Conduct a Food Processing Training

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If you are a government officer, an extension worker, or a staff member of an NGO or an international donor, you may have an opportunity to plan or implement a food-processing training program for farmers. When you provide a training program on food processing, you need a clean training venue which is equipped with cooking equipment. In rural areas of developing countries, however, it is quite often the case that there are very few training facilities which meet the hygiene standards and are well equipped with kitchen equipment. Nevertheless, if you had to conduct a food-processing training session in a rural area, what would you do? Here is a good example of how to manage such a situation.

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Requirements for a Regional Brand: Large Quantity & High Quality

In the Ocho area, Hiroshima, Japan, a local festival is held in February in order to promote the local industry and culture, in collaboration among several major local organizations. In the festival, the citrus farmers’ association holds a citrus exhibition, and varieties (about 10 varieties) of citrus are exhibited at the venue.

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Post-harvest Treatment for Marketing

After farmers harvest agricultural products, what do they need to do? To whom do they sell their products? When they sell agricultural products, what factors do they need to pay attention to?

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