2. Green Jobs

Climate change and the excessive use of scarce resources have led to the term, “green jobs,” which means environmentally friendly jobs. Let’s find out how “green” the jobs are!

Cooking Clean and Green

Making corncob charcoal
Corn or maize is one of the most popular grain products in the world. I guess that in your country there are a lot of corn fields. What do corn farmers do with corn in your country? Do they produce a lot and sell the corn in bulk to wholesalers? Or do some of them process corn into powder and sell the value-added product to private companies?

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Don’t Throw Away Banana Peels!

Mr. Abraham Akilit, who used to work for the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) of the Philippines, started organic farming and agro-processing at home after his retirement. He constructed a small processing facility and purchased the machinery and equipment he needed with the money that he had saved for the purpose of doing something good for the environment after his retirement.

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Banana Leave Artists from Laos

Look! What are the two women making? They are making religious ornaments which are used for Buddhist ceremonies in Laos. They are made of banana leaves.

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