Keep on learning!

KML April2014_sm

Training Participants
(MDF, Ede, Netherlands)

My mom, Yasuko, the founder of the Economic Empowerment Network (EEN), works as the knowledge management coordinator of EEN. She always collects data and information, and she analyzes issues and challenges related to entrepreneurship development and rural development. She loves to learn new things. Generally, it is said that as people become older, they become less motivated to learn. But this is not true for my mom at all!

Last month, my mom participated in a training course at MDF, Ede in the Netherlands. ( The course was on Knowledge Management and Learning. What impressed her most in the training course was the knowledge pyramid below.


It shows that after data is collected and processed, information will be ascertained. After analyzing the information, there will be hints on how to best utilize it. The information with those hints is called knowledge. If the knowledge is analyzed further and applied to a real situation, you will get wisdom. Those who have the wisdom must know when, why, and how to use the knowledge.

My mom says, “Let’s keep climbing upwards together until we reach the level of wisdom!”